Welcome to the Mezzoa webtacular...

This music was millennia in the making, no joke, It actually took Millions of years to be written & recorded...

Earthly members Include

               : Ignacio " El Falcone " Maldonado - ( Guitar, Vox ) - created in Milkey Way.

               : Scott " Eeeeeaaah " Hoover -  ( Drums ) - created in Gaseous Ort Cloud

               : Q " Dust Devil " Pena -  ( Bass ) - created  -  Cholo Goth Universe 

Mezzoa is the idea of playing music that hits home with the writer. Personal situations and life events are played out in lyrical and musical ceremony. The music we love with homies we respect. The line up is comprised of bradas who grew up together and listening to all kinds of different styles of music. Starting from the early influential days Of Sabbath, Zeppelin, Beatles, Sex Pistols,  KISS. On to the next set of influences, including Blues greats to the Grunge years to NOW!

The Earth is good, so is jamming, tasting fine chilled beverages, exceptional foods, occasional clouds overhead, Sunny Beach days, as well as warm cups of chicken broth on those chilling evenings.

Mezzoa has already written and recorded the follow-up album to Astral Travel. It's not yet tilted... Suggestions go here (          )

Video for "  Song of the Sun " is finally done. We hope you enjoy it.

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